Borovitza cow farm and dairy farm. Dairy products from the farm to your home.

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Food for the animals

Our farmers take care of providing the animals with food all year round. The feeding process is extremely important for the health of our cows and the quality of the milk.


Our dairy is located very close to the farm. The expressed milk enters the dairy without delay - for processing and production.

Agricultural machinery

In our daily work, we use modern agricultural equipment, which quickly and qualitatively performs all the processes of feeding and serving the animals.

Our cows

Our cows and calves are Holstein breed, selected by our team and imported from the Czech Republic. Daily care and well fed.


The farm is located in a picturesque area, near the Belogradchik rocks. It takes its name from the rock phenomenon Borov kamak.

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Our team

We are a small but dedicated and united team that works every day to produce the best farmer’s products. We share common values and are ​​driven by the pursuit of respect for the environment, animal welfare and a desire for a job well done.

The animals on the farm

We raise our own cows and produce our dairy products from their milk only. Our products contain nothing that we cannot find in nature and our daily care of the animals guarantees the quality of the milk we receive from them.

Products from our milk

From the very beginning, the products of the Borovitza farm have been produced only from the milk of our cows. This guarantees the consistently high quality of the milk. All its indicators are constant. We observe the technological ripening times and do not add powder milk, colourings or other substitutes. Browse the products from our portfolio.